about us

about us

Toslad Realtors are accomplished and

professional realtors who brings a strategic

yet reasonable approach to buying and

selling of properties in west Africa countries,

Drawing from years of experience as Real

Estate Consultant. However, Toslad Realtors

has built a reputation for his refreshingly

friendly clients care and proven ability to

guide property investors and buyers to

obtain the best value for their dream Home,

and to assist sellers to a smooth, stress free

sales and Management of properties, Toslad

realtors has an extensive knowledge of the

different cities and neighbourhood across

Abuja and specializes in the home buying and

selling, Rent Recovery, Facility Management,

investment properties, luxury homes and

multi-residential and Commercial properties.

Now Toslad brings his Passion and sharp

attention to detail to help buyers in highly

focused search for their new Apartment and

to help sellers get the most value for their

properties.  As an experienced realtor, we

understand that buying and selling.



         Real Estate Agency                                                                              


     Rent and Debt Recovery                                                                                                                                                                                    



      Facility Management                                                       


      General Contract       


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